Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Asylum Request to the Ministry of Security

Request asylum: Afghan asylum applicant Propilia Academy campus citizen and Secretary to the Ministry of Security Mr. chrystos Papouchis owner.
 Dear Mr. Secretary!
As you know time is 35 days that we are Afghanian political refugee
propilia are from campus. Which unfortunately still does not respond to requests from the ministry we have no cares and no we did not find the answer. So we made hard decision for our own purpose hereby informed that the 29 - 12-2010 Unfortunately our decision hunger strike and sew lips in the first five of the strikers, which if not subsequently receive the appropriate answer our request truth we update the number of days the strikers will be added.
 if in your Pardon my page repeatedly over violence from any source would condemn violence because violence always brings so violent shower leading to the impasse is no hope, if we do not receive  threaten anything , and sometimes violence Hatch but refused to show the violence of the Greek state apparatus is imposed on us. Our country is at war plight of many of our fellow citizens trying to reach a safe place of their own lives are lost and even the international community to the crisis don’t respond. If at least according to the international treaties we are from the Afghan people deserve asylum, but unlike many of our fellow citizens expect in the country for years without a safe and Greece are subject to a fate without undergoing any type of abuse, torture and ill-placed.
Our situation in Greece in the light of freedom born in the country is a very pitiable is it urges us to demand your attention 

Our request is only political asylum
Afghan political refugee camps in Athens, Greece
Home Office letter to Greece
The letter to all media Greece has been sent out.
The letter to all media  Greece has been sent out.

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