Monday, January 10, 2011

To: Embassies


Dear Mr. Ambassador, 
      You might already be aware that we the Afghan political refugees have been at the Propylaea in Panepistimio, Athens, since November 22nd, 2010, in our effort to receive a response from the Greek state on our request for political asylum. Today January 10th, 2011, we complete 50 days here. In early December we sent our formal request to the Ministry of Civil Protection, and there has not yet been any response. On December 20th we decided to request an answer our selves by going to the Ministry of Civil Protection and staying there. With great sadness, however, we have to say that on December 21st at 2.30am the police forcibly removed us from there, hitting us and our wives and children. Some of us were injured and taken to Evangelismos Hospital.
      After these events six men from our group took the most difficult decision they have ever had to take. On December 29th they decided to start a hunger strike and sewed their lips together, seeing this as the only way to get a response to our request for political asylum. As time passes, these men are putting their health and even their lives at grave risk because they are determined to continue to the end. The consequences of the hunger strike are already occurring and seriously affecting their health. Two of the six, due to health complications from the strike, have been transferred to hospital on three separate occasions on 4th, 8th and 9th of January, respectively.
      Because of the critical situation of the hunger strikers and because more and more members of our group are wishing to participate in the hunger strike, a response to our request is imperative as soon as possible.
      We ask for your understanding and we urgently need your support in our appeal for political asylum. Asylum is all we ask for; it is the only hope we and our families have of ever leading normal and decent lives after all the hardships we have experienced in our country and on our journey to Greece. In a world that has enough for everyone and when in essence all people are one, we have the expectation that there will be in others enough understanding and humanity to protect the people who need help.

The Afghan political refugees
Propylaea Panepistimio 
صلح،اتحاد و محبّت      

Peace, Unity and Love
We inform that we have sent this text to some  embassies such as (USA ,Canada ,France ,Italy ,Germany,Britain and even to European union.) today morinng10 January 2011

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